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Show Notes:

Sarah Argenal is on a mission to eradicate the burnout epidemic that is crushing working parents. She offers programs to individuals and organizations to integrate mental and emotional support for parents in the workplace. She walks parents through a 4 step framework to craft a life.

I see a theme here that I want you to pay close attention to. Sarah's 4 part framework is something that she has created and nurtured, and it's something she is becoming known for. Having a framework you can use to help you describe your work AND help people is a huge asset. It's your message AND it's your way of serving.

Sarah didn't just stumble on this 4 part framework. She discovered and created it through observing herself and the thousands of parents she talked to. Now she's able to use that framework everywhere. She talks about it in podcast episodes. She talks about it in public speaking. She teaches it in workshops. She uses it in all of her content. She goes deep into one of the steps at times, and she sometimes gives an overview of all 4.

This is an asset that she can build her business around.

Listen to how Sarah is leveraging this asset.

An asset like this can't be rushed. But time and energy you put into creating it is well invested.

My business has doubled since I discovered and began to nurture my Rebel Therapist™ brand. It's what I'm becoming known for.

When I think about the individual rebels I work with, I see that they hit that hockey stick on the growth chart when they get clear on their message and what they want to be known for.

Sarah shares a lot of gems in this interview, but if you remember ONE thing, remember what she has to say about finding the work and message she wants to be known for.


Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Why she focuses on helping working parents recover from burnout

  • Having 2 tracks to her business: private work with parents and work with organizations

  • How she customizes her 4-step framework for many different contexts

  • Deciding to be known for one thing

  • How she structures her online coaching program

  • Creating workbooks to use within her program

  • Using voxer as an extra support in her coaching

  • How Annie and Sarah both manage time around between session support

  • How she brings in private clients and how she brings in organizational clients

  • Creating several different free offers and a marketing ecosystem

  • Her advice for her former self

  • Just in time learning rather than just in case learning

Resources Discussed:

loom video



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