Ready to Create The Program That Will Launch The Next Phase Of Your Business?

Welcome to The Rebel Therapist® 2-Day

A 2-day small group workshop in which you will learn to:

Level up your business to make a bigger impact and much more money.


You want to serve more of your right-fit clients, make a bigger impact on the world, and spend your time doing work that energizes you. Oh…and you want all this without working more. In fact, you’d like to make MORE and work LESS. You need the work you provide to be high-quality and life-changing. 

Self-help and personal development is an over 10 billion dollar industry. People trained as therapists should be leading this space. That means YOU. You became a therapist because you want to help people transform their lives. You care about quality and rigor and ethics. Those things are needed in the self-help and personal development industry and they’re often lacking.

It's time to step up to a new level of leadership. (Even if you're a bit scared about it). You’ve got amazing ideas. A-Mazing. Yes, you do. But you’re not sure where to start. Or if you HAVE started, you’re hitting obstacles early in the journey.

You’re ready to expand the way you do business. That means you’re ready to embrace a new business model.

Leveling up might look like expanding your business in one of these ways:

  • Workshop

  • Online course

  • Group coaching program

  • Individual coaching program

  • Podcast

  • Digital product

  • Membership community

  • Retreat

  • Something else you’ll cook up


Taking your business in a new direction requires a new set of tools and skills. You’ll need to do things differently.


In order to level up, you’ve heard you need to do (at least some of) this stuff:

  • Build and nurture an email list

  • Create a stellar lead magnet

  • Create one or more sales funnels

  • Deliver webinars

  • Create a podcast, blog or other regular content

  • Attract a social media following

  • Launch your offer

  • Create partnerships with colleagues


No, you don’t necessarily have to do ALL of those things. I’m all about working within your Superpowers and leaving the rest. Let’s come up with a realistic plan that you can implement and stick with. 

Welcome to The Rebel Therapist 2-Day Workshop


A small group of you and your most driven and invested peers will work with me over 2 days.


You’ll work on this stuff:

  • Clarify your right-fit client for this new offer

  • Home in on your most powerful leadership style

  • Decide what form your new offer will take

  • Begin to craft a pilot version of your offer so that you can get started quickly and pivot if needed

  • Learn to create your message so that it’s powerful and true

  • Choose a marketing plan to attract your right fit clients to this new work

  • Prepare yourself to move through imposter syndrome, self-sabotage, procrastination, perfectionism or other mindset issues that inevitably come up as you take these steps. (Yes, these issues WILL come up!)


I'll teach you a process to go from idea to delivery.

At the end of our two days together, you’ll know how to clarify your business vision, identify your ideal niche, and you’ll HAVE your next steps.

April Harter.jpg

I wasn’t sure how to translate my work as an anti-racism coach into something I could scale for a larger audience. During the program, Annie was able to guide me through this process with practical solutions to difficult business challenges. She helped me believe that anything is possible when it comes to business as long as you’re willing to do the work to get it done. By the end of the course, I was able to scale my anti-racism coaching work by creating an online program. I feel more fulfilled in my career than I have ever felt in my life!

-April Harter

headshot miranda.jpg

I LOVED the program, and found it inspiring and in particular it was helpful in keeping the project front and center in my mind, and having friends to learn from and grow with. I’m not ready to share the details yet, but I’ve got a plan and I now know that I WILL launch my program.

-Miranda Jane


I enrolled because I wanted to offer an online coaching course related to perfectionism and I needed support refining the details. The help and encouragement from Annie and the others in the group was heavenly. They helped me refine and narrow down my idea. I truly appreciate Annie’s ability to gently push me beyond my comfort zone. Annie provided unique insight and resources develop my business. I am now in the process of rolling out my online coaching program for Black Christian Women called “Permission To Be You & Thrive.”

-Bianca Hughes

albert (3).png

After this 2-day workshop, I'm ready to embark on creating a program beyond the therapy room. I realize this process will be hard work, but it can also be fun, and it doesn't have to be so scary. I'm excited about serving people with a high-quality and solid program. I'm on track to launch within a few months.

-Albert Pignataro

This is for YOU, rebel therapist, if you:

  • Have already created a new offer and you’re hitting obstacles in marketing and delivering it.

  • Don’t know your new direction yet, but you know you want to create something new.

  • Are willing to put in work to get your new vision off the ground. (You ever notice how you can FIND time to do what you WANT to do?)

  • Want to WORK ON your new offer rather than LEARN ABOUT creating a new offer someday.

  • Are committed to doing excellent and effective work that will change lives.


This is NOT for YOU if you:

  • Want to bring more clients into your therapy practice. (We’re not working on that here, but head over to our Superpower Program for that!)

  • Want to learn about creating the next stage of your business so that you can do it someday when you’re ready...and that’s not now.

  • Need this to bring in a quick 6 figures. (Your new business model may become very profitable, but the big bucks take time.)

  • Don’t care very much about the quality of your offer or the value it will bring to others.


How we’ll do it:

  • You’ll apply for the Rebel Therapist 2-Day.

  • You’ll do some structured pre-work before the 2-day begins.

  • We’ll meet for four and a half hours per day for 2 days in a small group over zoom video.

  • Each day will be recorded and you’ll have access to the recordings long after the program ends.


Now let me answer some questions I think you may have.


Will this help me create passive income?


This program can be a step towards making income while you are not actively delivering services. I will NOT lie to you and tell you that you can easily create passive income and make money while you sleep. That’s bullshit. It’s easy to find coaches who will tell you that lie. Creating “passive” income takes a lot of work.


What’s expected of me?

  • You’ll be expected to do the pre-work and show up for the entire 9 hours of the program. (Breaks will be built in of course!)

  • You’ll be present and ready to work during the time we spend together.

  • You’ll be coachable and willing to take direction and try on new things.


What are the dates?

Wednesday, October 9th and Thursday, October 10th from 9am to 1:30pm PT each day (12pm to 4:30pm ET).


How much does this cost?


$1000 for the entire program


What’s the return on my investment?


If you’re still reading this, and you’re in the “This is for you, rebel therapist” category, your goal is to increase your revenue significantly without working more. You’re going to begin to actually change your business model during this program.

 I can’t guarantee that the next direction your business takes will take off and be profitable right away. The steps you take and the tools you learn in this program will get you closer to creating and delivering that successful and profitable offer. Imagine how many times over you will make back this investment if you implement even a few things from this 2-day program.

When you step into expanding your business model beyond the therapy room, your income no longer has a ceiling. Think about that for a moment….There is no longer a built-in limit to how much money you can make. 


What’s the refund policy?

This is an all-in investment. There are no refunds after the workshop has begun. Here’s why: This workshop is an investment in the future of your business. You’ll be looking at your business, your livelihood, and your relationship with yourself. The workshop gives you a structure to work through this process. You are in the driver’s seat when it comes to your success here. I don’t want you to participate with one foot in, one foot out. This is for you if you’re ready to do the work. Because of this policy, you’ll know that your fellow rebels are as committed as you are.

Who are you, Annie?


I’m a Rebel Therapist® and business coach and strategist. I’ve been a business coach for over 8 years and a therapist for over 18 years. I’m the creator of The Superpower Method For Therapists® and Rebel Therapist® Podcast (formerly Therapist Clubhouse), my podcast for entrepreneurs who are trained as therapists. If you’re not sure yet whether I am the right coach for you, please check out my work. Decide whether the way I approach business and life is a good fit for you. Check out my podcast to hear my conversations with tons of therapists talking about business. 


What’s the next step?

Apply now. If you’re not ready to apply because you want to talk to us about the program first, please send us an email at info(AT)

What if I have more questions?


Please email us at info(AT) and ask us. We’re happy to help.