Therapists & Healers:
Create The Program That Will Launch The Next Phase Of Your Business.


You’re ready to make a bigger impact with your work.

You’re trained as a therapist. But you’re also these things: Innovator, Rebel, Change-maker, Movement-leader, Visionary, Teacher, Facilitator, &/or Healer.

You’ve got a vision, or at least an inkling of a vision, of what your business could look like.


You’re ready to create a business that makes MUCH more money while also helping people in the ways you were meant to.

You’re done being limited by naysayers, old rules that don’t work anymore, and your own imposter syndrome and fears.

Being a Rebel Therapist™ is about having:


More free time.

More fulfillment.

More profit.

More impact.

More control.

But how?

We’ll bring together some necessary ingredients to build your very unique business.


Your Superpowers (otherwise known as gifts, special qualities, uniqueness, zone of genius)




The needs and desires of your Right Fit Clients (who you’ll do some deep and profound work to understand even better)




Your very best ways of serving people (not necessarily how you’re doing it now)




Your very unique business.

Learn about how we can work together so I can support you in creating and nurturing that very unique business.

Warning: It’s going to be incredibly fun and fulfilling, but this process will also kick your ass. Your business can teach you everything you need to know about yourself, but you’ll need to be relentless and brave along the way.

Here’s some of what can get in the way of creating your very unique business:

  • Money mindset problems: Believing the only way to be of service is to make very little money or that no one will pay you much, and setting yourself up to under-earn

  • Limited vision: Believing you’ve got to run your business one way: 50-minute sessions in your office with whoever is willing to come see you.

  • Fear of being an entrepreneur: Boxing yourself into a business that doesn’t work for you because you’re afraid to grab the reins and embrace your identity as a business owner.

  • Blandness: Avoiding your Superpowers and your true passions because you think you’ve got to be bland (boring) to survive in the real world.

  • Marketing fears: Hiding from the people who really need you because you’re afraid to put yourself out there.

  • Isolation: Trying to put your head down and do this business thing alone.

Here’s some of what we believe about creating your very unique business:

  • You can’t be an entrepreneur alone. You need the support of other Rebel Therapists who want you to succeed.

  • Taking action leads to success. Many entrepreneurs spend too much time planning or dreaming and wait too long to take action. (We need you NOW.)

  • You’ll create your unique business with an iterative process. You’re not likely to hit it out of the park on your first try. Being an entrepreneur is about testing ideas and finding what works over time.

  • You need a simple marketing plan that’s built on a solid strategy. Rather than doing dozens of things to connect with your people, focus on doing a few things well.

  • You’ve got to be brave and vulnerable to create your very unique business. It’s going to be scary at times. If you’re relentless, you will get there. (Which brings us back to why you can’t be an entrepreneur alone).

  • Imposter Syndrome is going to come up if you’re an entrepreneur. You’ve got to change your relationship with it in order to NOT let it stop you.