Pricing Your Genius With Jacquette Timmons

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Show Notes:


This week I’m featuring Jacquette Timmons, a financial behaviorist in New York City. We focused on two areas: how she prices her offerings and how she builds and nurtures her audience. If you're working on expanding your business beyond the therapy room, those are two areas you know require a lot of thought and attention. If you don't pay attention to them, your business can't thrive, even if your work is amazing.

As we get into pricing, listen for how Jacquette combines trial and error with a careful process. She factors in everything including her expenses, what the outcomes are that she's providing, the value her clients place on that outcome, the time and energy the offer requires, and more. AND like I said, she allows for trial and error. You may think being methodical and using trial and error are mutually exclusive. Nope.

Like Jacquette, I always leave room for experimentation. The first time I ran what is now Rebel Therapist, the cost was 1400, it happened over 8 sessions, and I had 3 amazing participants all who I'd worked with before. Now the program is in a different iteration. It's a 2-day workshop, 4 and a half hours each day, and the fee as of this recording is 1000. Different format, different price. And that price will likely go up.

You'll also hear how Jacqette builds and nurtures her audience. She has remained steadfast in her message and her mission even when others weren't ready to hear it. As a therapist moving your work beyond the therapy room, she's talking right to you. As she talks about staying steadfast in her message, think about what the messages you want to share. Is there something edgy that you find not everyone is ready to hear? Listen to Jacquette's experience with this.

Another thing that stands out about how Jacquette builds and nurtures her audience is that she's not afraid to go deep. Rather than doing what everyone else seems to be doing, she has gone for depth. Her free content isn't quick or superficial. It takes a minute, and that has paid off.

As you listen, think about how that might work for you in the business you build beyond the therapy room. How can you create content that is truly valuable and engaging?


Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Why managing money is really about managing choices

  • The combination of services she offers, including private and corporate work

  • Hosting The Comfort Circle™ Diners

  • Why she doesn't believe in charging "what you're worth"

  • How she chooses her prices

  • How she builds her audience by showing up consistently

  • Staying steadfast with her message even when it was unpopular

  • Going deep with her free content

  • How she creates synergy with all of her content marketing

  • Starting her podcast, More Than Money

  • Two pieces of advice for her former self

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