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Show Notes:

Ali Psiuk is a therapist and digital nomad. She runs her therapy practice from all over the world.

This conversation might make you question your assumptions about what's possible in your business and life.

As Ali talked about the freedom she's experiencing, and the awareness she has of her choices, I felt my own awareness expand.

For a while now I've been planning a long travel adventure for the summer of 2020, and I kept saying "this is just a maybe. we'll see if it works out."

Right after this interview, I told Ali: now I see that I've got to stop saying that. I've got to decide it's happening and then work out all the pieces. by waiting to see whether or not it will all fall into place I'm pretty much assuring that it won't happen. obstacles always come up. Ali agreed.

Maybe you want to do more online work and you're not sure how to make it happen.

Maybe there's another change you're getting ready to make. Maybe it's a travel adventure, launching a second business, radically shifting your hours, working in a different way, or moving. Listening to Ali's adventure story will help you see where the real limits exist and where you may be limiting yourself.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • leaving her office behind and embracing a nomadic life

  • working with a company that helps her coordinate all the details

  • managing client relationships through the transition

  • doing remote work ethically and legally

  • Ali's daily rituals

  • how she sets up her schedule and technology for remote therapy

  • working through glitches

  • how she draws clients into her practice

  • money and fees (real numbers of course)

  • writing and publishing her book, The Therapist Next Door


Resources Discussed:

Remote Year


Other recommendations from Ali for making your remote life work:

Nomad List

Portable laptop stand

Also: your best wall, earbuds, consent for telehealth, comfy pants and you’re good to go :)

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