Permission To Do It Differently With Heather Gray

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Show Notes:

This week I’m talking to Heather Gray, a mindset consultant who works with entrepreneurs all over the world. Listen to what Heather is doing in her business that’s working for her. It's totally different from what most other therapists and coaches are doing. Listen to how she’s using ONE form of marketing to make her business thrive. Listen also to how she’s providing service to her clients on demand rather than in regularly scheduled sessions. Of course, you’ll hear some of the mindset work she’s moved through herself, which she now helps her clients move through.

I left this conversation with new ideas for my own business and I think you will too!


Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Permission to want more from your business

  • Maintaining a DAILY podcast

  • Giving up her therapy license

  • Leaning into vulnerability to make a bigger impact

  • Her life-changing time-management hack

  • the difference between a goal and a decision

  • Providing her coaching on demand through vox

  • Using podcasting as her ONE lead generator

  • Staying OFF of social media

  • Breaking the therapist rules

Resources Discussed:

loom video extension

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