Multi-faceted Expansion With Jamie Marich

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Show Notes:

This week I’m talking to Jamie Marich a therapist, author, speaker, and teacher who specializes in trauma. Listen as we talk about how she created a multi-faceted business, what her daily rituals look like, and how she’s made decisions to protect her energy and her vision.


Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How she gives energy to all of the various roles she's in: consulting, teaching, writing, clinical work and more.

  • Realizing that training clinicians and NOT teaching in academia is the right fit.

  • The best advice she ever got: when you take on something, give up something else.

  • How she takes care of herself energetically with an "iron-clad self-care plan."

  • Her first hire, and how she's grown her team.

  • Her company's extensive EMDR training component and how she makes it work.

  • Getting help with everything outside of her most important work.

  • Her writing practices: rituals and habits that have helped her write several books and articles.

  • What sets aside good writing in our field.

  • How she has chosen and hired the trainers in her company

  • What a typical day looks like for Jamie

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