Smart Growth With Tara McMullin


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Show Notes:

This week I’m talking to Tara McMullin, a powerhouse in the realm of serving small business owners. She’s the founder of the What Works Network and host of the What Works podcast. Listen as we talk about the transitions Tara has been through in her business. You’ll hear how starting with a VERY narrow niche helped to accelerate her growth. We also talk about how her ROLE has changed, and how and why she’s shifted away from advice-giving. You’ll also hear what’s been working extremely well for Tara in communicating on social media. It’s all about storytelling. As soon as you hear her experience with human-sized stories, you'll start using social media differently. Tara believes in sharing experience rather than advice, and you’re in for a treat as she shares some key parts of her own experiences in business.


Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • The very narrow nice she started with (Makers in PA)

  • How she built trust and credibility QUICKLY in that first niche

  • Shifting her focus and growing her audience exponentially without losing trust or quality

  • The importance of being transparent with your audience about the pivots in your business

  • Why small and specific stories are WAY more effective than general ones

  • How to use smaller stories in your social media and everywhere you share your message

  • Pivoting her role away from advice giver and towards community facilitator

  • The morning routine that helps her to be powerful in her business every day

Resources Discussed:

Ann Handley

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