Beyond Psychiatry With Dr. Erin Griffiths


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Show Notes:

This week I’m talking to Dr. Erin Griffiths, a holistic psychiatrist in San Francisco and the owner of Beyond Psychiatry. Listen as we talk about why she made a pivot from more traditional psychiatry and what that change has been like for her business so far.

We stop working for others and create our own businesses partly because we want the freedom to work in the ways we want and the ways we really believe help our people the most. Then we can accidentally replicate the things we didn't love about wherever we were working before.

Erin was brave enough to look at her business and acknowledge that it wasn't using all the best parts of her and she wasn't yet serving at her highest level.

It was already a great business, but she wanted more for her and for her clients.

Can you relate to this? I know I can.

I know every single year I see things in my business that I've replicated unconsciously. And then I'm able to consciously change them.

As you listen to Erin's story about creating beyond psychiatry, think about what you might want to grow beyond.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Pivoting towards holistic psychiatry

  • Getting off of insurance plan

  • The Combination of yoga, TMS, talk therapy and other services they provide

  • Working with her team

  • Rebranding and choosing a new name

  • How her grandfather’s story inspired her logo and her business

  • Her daily rituals for balance and productivity

  • Her advice for her former self

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