Running Retreats With Rebecca Wong

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Show Notes:

Today we are talking about in-person retreats. If you’ve ever run an in-person retreat or considered adding in-person retreats to your business, you’re going to love this conversation. Rebecca talks about why in-person retreats are such an important part of her business, some mistakes she and others have made in running retreats, and some things she does to make her retreats such life-changing experiences. We’ll also talk about the retreat Rebecca and I are co-leading at the end of April 2019, Signature Heart & Soul Retreat.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • The magical power of in-person retreats

  • How to help participants connect and create friendships

  • How to make each participant feel special and important

  • Creating time and space for yourself when you’re hosting a retreat

  • The differences between coordinating all aspects yourself or hosting with help from a retreat center.  

  • Figuring out downtime for yourself as a host

  • Getting space from your daily life while hosting a retreat

  • How retreats dovetail with the movement to get offline and slow down

  • The variety of ways to run retreats of different sizes and time frames

  • Mistakes we’ve made or witnessed in retreats

  • Selling a retreat and how it’s different than selling a different offer

  • Adding online support before or after a retreat

  • How nature works as a contributor to a retreat

  • What if no one signs up for your retreat?

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