Express Yourself With Joe Zarate-Sanderlin

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Show Notes:

Joe has discovered a new, more introverted way to be an activist within his business, therapy sessions, and teaching work. He finds that the more open he is about his identities and his experience, the more helpful he is to others. Listen as Joe talks about the gender journey he’s experienced in the past couple of years and how his personal experiences have expanded his leadership as a therapist and an educator.


Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Finding a new kind of introverted activism

  • Self-expression through blue hair and manicures

  • Navigating disclosure

  • Expanding in every area of his work

  • Allowing ideas for content and teaching to come to him

  • Balancing teaching, therapy, and parenting

  • How clients find him

  • The importance of forming referral partnerships

  • How he got into university teaching

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