Creating A Conference With Mercedes Samudio


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Show Notes:

Mercedes was tired of seeing a lack of diversity at professional conferences. She had respect for the celebrated leaders in the field, but she also saw a need for new voices. She decided she needed to do something about it, and in just a few months, Mercedes founded the Diversity In Parenting Conference. Listen to the incredible growth she’s had during this process. You might not be putting on a conference, but you’ve got your own brave moves to make. Where is YOUR voice needed? Listening to Mercedes talk about her deep mindset work will help you get moving too.


Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • When Imposter syndrome returns

  • Leaning on her core community to work through stuck places

  • Spiritual growth and professional growth at the same time

  • Why she’s putting on this conference

  • Changing the way we think about leadership

  • Why all therapists need to learn about families (even if they only work with adults)

  • The importance of taking time to slow down and eat a real meal

  • Expecting different things from different people in your support circle

  • The conference becoming approved for CE units for masters level clinicians

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