Yoga For Trauma With Lisa Danylchuk

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Show Notes:

This week I’m talking to Lisa Danylchuk, founder of The Center for Yoga and Trauma Recovery. She’s an author, psychotherapist, yoga teacher trainer and entrepreneur. You’re gonna hear how Lisa’s business has developed organically from her drive to help more people with the Yoga for Trauma movement. We can learn a lot from listening to how she went from leading in-person trainings to creating her online training program. She’ll also talk about why she created in-person retreats around the world. Listen in particular to how Lisa leans into the value of persistence. Persistence is one of the most important and perhaps under-rated keys to success in your business.


Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Presenting at conferences

  • Creating an online training program (Y4T) for therapists and other healers

  • Refining her Y4T course over time

  • The importance of relationships in her business

  • How her persistence led to the impact she is making now

  • Her leadership style and how she balances teaching and making room for self-reflection

  • Why she offers ongoing support in her online program

  • Hosting international in-person retreats in Bali, Maui and beyond

  • Some profound thoughts on business (you gotta hear this part)

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