Throw Away The Box With Ali Shapiro


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Show Notes:

Ali Shapiro is the host of the podcast Insatiable and the founder of the program Truce with Food. She created a unique framework for helping people transform their relationships with food and life. Listen to Ali developed her framework and built her thriving business. You’ll hear that Ali is committed to helping her clients achieve radical and lasting change and that the decisions she makes in her business are all aimed in that direction.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • The far-reaching positive side effects of her program

  • How she created 3 coaching programs at different investment levels

  • Her journey as a childhood cancer survivor

  • Creating a framework to help people step into a self-authoring mindset

  • How she identifies and markets to her right-fit people

  • Creating the podcast Insatiable

  • Finding her leadership style in the roles of teacher/coach/consultant

  • Her approach to social media

  • How her clients find her (her podcast is a HUGE part of it)

  • Creating a marketing system that nurtures rather than prays on people

  • A pivotal moment that changed her relationship with western medicine forever

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