Thriving In Community with Rajani Venkatraman Levis

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Show Notes:

You may feel like you’re on your own in private practice. Rajani Venkatraman Levis wants you to do what she did: ask for help and be in community with other healers. She shares what it was like for her as an immigrant to take the scary leap into private practice and encourages others to do the same. Listen as she gets personal about her entrepreneurial journey and shares the self-care tools that keep her feeling resilient as a therapist and as a human.

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Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How she started teaching and public speaking

  • Why therapists of color often get funneled away from private practice

  • The need for diversity in our field and in private practice in particular

  • Why navigating private practice was particularly intimidating as a POC and an immigrant

  • How she honors a period of silence every day (and why it wasn’t easy at first!)

  • Her fees, with real numbers as usual

  • The day-long training she’s developed about vicarious resilience

  • How to be known as an expert in trauma without burning out

  • Many ways to use EMDR in a private practice

  • Creating community and asking for help

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