Add Coaching To Your Practice with Pat Chambers


Show Notes:

Have you ever considered adding coaching to your services? Pat is a licensed psychologist who works as a coach rather than a therapist. She shares why she loves coaching and how she built a coaching practice focused on helping people get on track with their finances.

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Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Why Pat was drawn to coaching

  • Using her clients’ values and life purposes to help them in coaching

  • The niche of money coaching

  • The differences between coaching and therapy

  • How SEO helps her clients find her

  • Her fees (real numbers as usual) and why she charges less than she could

  • Teaching people how to get on track with their finances

  • Why you need to niche if you’re coaching

  • How to get started with adding coaching to your business

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Resources Discussed:

Coaches Training Institute

Co-Active Coaching

International Coach Federation


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