Build Your Practice Quickly with Albert Pignataro

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Show Notes:

You may have heard that it takes years to build and fill your private practice. That doesn’t have to be true for you. Albert breaks down exactly how he built his practice to the point of having a waitlist after 8 months. Listen as he dives into the mindset, strategy, and actions that got him there.

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Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How he got from agency mindset to entrepreneurial mindset

  • His fees (real numbers as usual)

  • Navigating his sliding scale slots

  • Listing fees on his website

  • The Scary moment of going from substantial agency income to a brand new private practice

  • Creating great copy for his website

  • Finding networking opportunities and activating his local community

  • Turning fear and anxiety into action

  • How he maintains a valuable blog without taking too much time or energy

  • How he balances his business with his life

  • The importance of paying attention to the demand of your community and pivoting when necessary

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