Busting Imposter Syndrome with Marielle Berg

Show Notes:

Imposter Syndrome can hold you back from growing your therapy practice or taking your business to the next level. Marielle Berg is a therapist in The Bay Area and the founder of a therapy center. She’s got more inquiries than she could possibly serve by herself. But she shares that becoming an entrepreneur and growing her practice wasn’t always easy. She has pushed herself over and over again to break through imposter syndrome, face her fears, and build her entrepreneurial muscles.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Pivoting her practice when she began learning DBT

  • Niching down her marketing and still having a diverse practice

  • Taking action even when she feels scared and not ready

  • Getting through fears when announcing her offers

  • How her clients find her online through SEO and her blog

  • Setting her fees and letting go of comparisons

  • Learning that the business side takes work and skills

  • Expanding to a small center to serve an over-abundance of inquiries

  • Making business decisions based on long term goals

Resources Discussed:

Behavioral tech, founded by Marsha Linehan  

More From Marielle:

Therapy website: BayAreaDBTCC.com

Coaching services

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