Less Social Media With Maddi Rundle

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Show Notes:

How do you sell a program? Make a dream list. Make a list of the people you’d love to work with and invite them. Meet Maddi Rundle, a master yoga instructor, therapist, and entrepreneur in Ontario, Canada.  In this conversation, we talk about how Maddi co-created a training program for yoga instructors and a year-long online course. You’ll hear how Maddi has grown her programs without doing all the stuff she saw other people doing online. She has pushed past fear and other people’s rules to create a business she’s in love with.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Starting a yoga teacher training program

  • Creating a year-long online course called “Pure Love”

  • Becoming a therapist after being a yoga teacher

  • Finding flow and alignment in her business

  • Bringing in clients and participants her way

  • Her ambivalence about being online

  • Pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a therapist  

  • Using invitations rather than funnels to fill her online program

  • Incorporating interaction into her online course

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