Business Trauma With Nicole Lewis-Keeber

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Show Notes:

Do you have a healthy relationship with your business? Or is it sometimes toxic and abusive? Have you recreated old unhealthy patterns into your business? Nicole Lewis-Keeber is an expert on how trauma impacts business and how to heal it. When I looked at my own business through this lens, I realized I had been unconsciously setting up some damaging habits. For example, I was sometimes setting myself up to try to please everyone. Even though I would never tell others to do this. I was sometimes doing things I no longer wanted to because...who was I to say I wanted to make a change. Listen as we talk about how and why Nicole created a VIP one-on-one service for entrepreneurs and how she’s getting her message out to entrepreneurs everywhere. She’s opening up a very important conversation and I’m glad to share it with you.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How trauma impacts our businesses

  • Discovering that trauma was showing up in her own business

  • The “invisible they” mindset trap

  • Creating high touch one-on-one VIP services

  • Writing her book (what’s working and what’s difficult)

  • Facilitating a group to help her write her book

  • Honesty and transparency in her business

  • The importance of conversations OVER social media

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