Creating A Podcast With Jessica Jones

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Show Notes:

This week I’m talking to Jessica Jones, a registered dietician and co-founder of the very popular podcast Food Heaven Made Easy. Listen as we talk about how Jessica and Wendy Lopez developed their podcast, exactly how they plan and create each episode, and how they maintain a healthy business partnership and close friendship. I’m really into bringing you amazing people like Jessica. It’s helpful to hear from people in our field, but it’s also SO helpful to hear from people in adjacent fields. Sometimes that’s where I’ve gotten my best ideas and practices, and that’s been true for the Rebels in my masterminds as well.


Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Identifying their ideal audience member/target person, “Chrisette” and what they learn from her

  • Starting out on public access television in NYC and then expanding to Youtube

  • Creating their podcast, Food Heaven Made Easy in 2015 and then growing and monetizing it

  • The smartest move they made in their business: starting an email list early

  • Doubling their income year over year

  • Working through good times  and challenging times with her business partner and close friend, Wendy Lopez

  • Identifying and leaning into their different strengths in the business

  • Annie (over?) shares about her marriage

  • Their podcast process (we get into some great hacks)

  • Transitioning all the content in their business to a Health At Every Size approach

  • Creating digital products

  • Jessica’s take on online courses (and Annie’s take too)

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