Lessons Learned In Leveling Up


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Show Notes:

This is episode 100! I wanted to do something special and different this week.

The theme today is lessons learned in expanding your business.

I’ve been focusing more and more on my own lessons learned as I’m sharing on social media and especially with my email list. I’ve been talking about how as entrepreneurs, we find ourselves learning in public. We can either acknowledge what we’re learning, or we can try to seem as if we know everything. I’m much more interested in telling you what I’m learning and even acknowledging my mistakes. I think it’s WAY more useful to you and it also allows me to be myself, which makes my life better.

I work with therapists to level up their businesses and serve in new ways beyond the therapy room.

I invited some folks who are in the middle of that work to bravely share with you.

I asked each of them to tell us one surprising thing they’ve learned or are learning in the process of expanding their businesses, and how that lesson is playing out in their businesses so far.

Now it’s brave to do this and it’s vulnerable, and I think it’s a real gift.

You’re gonna notice some themes.

All four of our guests talk about mindset issues. Even though we spend time on strategy and tactics, mindset is HUGE. We simply can’t level up our businesses without doing a lot of personal work. When we stretch and grow and level up, we’re forced to face all kinds of uncomfortable things.

One of the reasons I love working with therapists is you all tend to be willing to do that work.

Our businesses tend to uncover old things we have more work to do on and new things we didn’t realize we’d ever need to work on.

I’ve been pushed and stretched this way and I still am. I’ll keep on being open about my own growth and struggles, but for today we’ll focus on these 4 Rebels.


Becky Sherman helps women complete their dissertations. You’ll hear how Becky has gotten used to facing her fears and jumping off of cliffs. Learn more about Becky Sherman at https://www.dissertationliberation.com/


Dr. Rocío Rosales Meza serves and helps to liberate women of color. You’ll hear how she was surprised to face mindset issues she’d already worked on, and how she’s embraced that work and shared it with her community. Learn more about Dr. Rocío Rosales Meza at https://www.drrosalesmeza.com/


Greg Bodin helps men stay psychologically healthy and resilient. Listen to how he’s embracing moments of not knowing and realizing how much this leveling up is an iterative process. Learn more about Greg Bodin at https://www.gregbodin.com/


Cindi Rivera offers a mindfulness course and a community for women of color. Listen to how she’s leaned into vulnerability and the community of the Rebel Mastermind to get her voice out there and serve in a bigger way. Learn more about Cindi Rivera at https://cindiriveratherapy.com


I want to thank Becky Sherman,  Dr. Rocío Rosales Mesa, Greg Bodin and Cindi Rivera for being willing to share their stories with us. They’re phenomenal Rebels and I’m lucky that I get to work with them.

Now it’s your turn. What lessons have you been learned that have surprised you as you level up your business? How are those lessons playing out in the choices you’re making?

We’ll be back next time with an interview.

Thank you SO much for listening and for being part of this podcast as we pass episode 100.

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