Creating A Second Business With Ellie Vargas

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Show Notes:

We all face moments when we see an opportunity to do something new, and we either take action, or we don’t. Ellie took action and created Bay Area Immigration Evaluation Center, a company providing evaluations all around the Bay. Listen as we talk about how and why she did this when she already had a therapy practice. You’ll hear how she grew her skillset and her mindset as she grew her business. If you’re thinking of adding ANY offer to your practice or creating a second business, you’ll want to hear Ellie’s story.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Creating Bay Area Immigration Evaluation Center

  • Expanding and hiring additional evaluators

  • How she grew her referral list

  • The advantages to a second stream of income

  • Her thoughts about pricing her services

  • Why it’s important to plan for time off

  • Setting up the systems that make her business work

  • Finding her Superpowers in the new business as well as the stuff she doesn’t like

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