What Success Means With Dr. Bob Navarra

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Show Notes:

If you want to reach a more people than you possibly can in your office, you’ll want to hear Dr. Bob Navarra’s story. He has a passion for delivering high-quality services to struggling couples and particularly couples in recovery. He’s become a leader in his field, and he’s been at it for 35 years(!) He writes, teaches, and runs workshops for couples and clinicians. Listen as he talks about how he developed the mindset to keep on moving forward way before he achieved this level of success.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Starting out in private practice and going through challenging times

  • Developing a mindset around what “success” means

  • Pivoting his business more and more towards workshops and teaching

  • Why taking the “one next step” works for him better than planning years out

  • Reaching out to his mentors and heroes to collaborate

  • Keys to finding work/life balance as a business owner

  • Starting his couples workshop with few attendees and building from there

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Resources Discussed:

The Dragonfly Effect by Jennifer Aaker and Andy Smith

More From Bob:

Website (https://drrobertnavarra.com/

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