Full In Five Months With Niketa Kumar

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Show Notes:

Filling your practice quickly takes a combination of creating a good strategy and working your butt off. Niketa Kumar did both and filled her practice in five months. Listen to how she did it and why she’s taking a moment before she strives for the next thing. You’ll enjoy our dive into fees and mindset around money.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How she wrote the copy for her website to speak directly to her clients

  • Why she stayed away from professional jargon when creating her site.

  • Filling her practice in 5 months

  • Breaking the habit of always striving for the next thing.

  • What might be next for her: creating a mentorship program for therapists of color

  • How her clients are finding her

  • Her fees (real numbers as usual)

  • Mindset around fees

  • Talking to clients about money

Resources Discussed:

Photographer in The Bay Area: Portraits To The People

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