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Show Notes:

Do you sometimes freak out about whether private practice can really work for you? Maryellen Mullin has important advice for you: collaborate and ask for help. She’s leaned into her superpowers and created a business she enjoys running. Rather than focusing on just one thing, Maryellen’s business allows her to do many things she loves. Listen as she dives into her journey

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Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Doing many different things in her business instead of choosing just one

  • “Messy parenting”, a workshop she presents for organizations

  • Running a long-term group for mothers & daughters

  • Using Gottman Institute research with teens and their parents

  • Hiring both an intern and an independent contractor

  • Starting a business networking group for therapists and other small business owners

  • Why she loves being self-employed

  • Stepping into a mentoring role at this stage in her career

  • How she made the leap to full-time private practice

  • How she sets her fees

  • Why it’s impressive when you know what you don’t know

Maryellen In private practice there are a lot of nail-biting moments. You just have to keep going forward. (1).png

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