There's Not Just One Way

therapist clubhouse

I’m having a freaking great time getting Therapist Clubhouse, the podcast, ready for you. It’s coming out on May 2nd, in less than a month.


I’ve said forever that there is NOT just one way to build an incredible private practice. Through Therapist Clubhouse I get to introduce you to a bunch of amazing private practice entrepreneurs who you’ll be able to relate to, and who are all making it work in different ways. They all have different superpowers, and they use those superpowers to build unique businesses.


Here’s just a little sneak peek into a few of the first episodes:


In episode one, Lily Sloane tells us about how she keeps her expenses low, and sees about 13 clients each week so that she can dedicate a lot of time and energy to her ground-breaking podcast, Therapist Walks Into A Bar. One of her superpowers is collaboration, and she tells you how to do more of it in your own practice. My favorite quote from Lily:

lily sloane


In episode 2, Kat Love shares the truth about what therapists need to do better on our websites.They predict what you’ll need to do to keep your website current in the next few years, and let you in on what it’s really like for the non-therapist looking at a therapist’s website. My favorite quote from Kat:

kat love


In Episode 3, Karen Smillie blows us away talking about her money mindset transformation and names her relatively high fee. We talk about the journey she went through creating the kind of therapy practice her colleagues said she couldn’t have. Ha! My favorite quote from Karen:

karen smillie


In episode 4, Jeff Guenther will make you laugh. You will be laughing with him, not at him, as he recounts his anxiety at the very beginning of setting up his private practice. He went on from there to create 4 additional businesses, all serving therapists. My favorite quote from Jeff:

jeff guenther

I can't wait to have you in the clubhouse. Join me on May 2nd. 

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