Come Behind The Scenes With Me.

I’ve been out of touch for a while. I’d like to take you behind the scenes a little bit and tell you what I’m creating for you. 

I’ve been recording episodes for my podcast, Therapist Clubhouse, which will launch on May 2nd.


Therapist Clubhouse is for the therapist who:

  • Is in private practice or is just about to start a private practice and wants to create a unique and profitable business that changes lives.
  • Has the feeling that maybe their private practice could be amazing.
  • Is ready to work with the clients they REALLY want to work with in the way they want to work.
  • Would love to set better hours and take vacations when they want.
  • Wants to make enough money to live with financial ease and set some money aside for retirement, or their next car, or their kid’s college fund...and wants to be able to buy a latte or a pair of earrings without stressing about it.

Sometimes this therapist is really hopeful that they can create this kind of practice. Then they talk to a discouraged therapist and hear that none of this is possible. They hear that you’ve got to get on insurance panels, that it takes several years to build a practice, that you have to work with clients you don’t fit well with, that you can’t work the hours you want, and that you really can’t make a good living as a therapist. They hear that they have to make huge compromises to create a mediocre business.

These conversations are a real bummer.

Therapist Clubhouse is a place to come and be reinvigorated and re-inspired. It’s a place to get your questions answered. It’s a place to hear from therapists who are making private practice work THEIR way. In each episode, I’m interviewing a different therapist who is killing it in at least one way. You’ll hear something in every episode that you can apply to your own business right away.

Basically, I’m building Therapist Clubhouse for YOU.

The values I’m building Therapist Clubhouse around are:

  • You can help clients best when you’re working with the clients who you fit best with.
  • You deserve outstanding self-care.
  • You should build your practice around your unique strengths (superpowers).
  • Your marketing should be honest, clear, and designed to respect and serve your potential clients.
  • You can’t build an amazing private practice alone.
  • Podcasts should be fun and entertaining.

If you’re looking for a show with short and polished presentations from experts, there are many wonderful podcasts out there for you. This isn’t it.

You’ll hear the REAL stuff from these therapists. This is the stuff I was hungry to hear about when I was starting out in private practice and that I still want to hear about.

In my first episode, I interview Lily Sloane, a kick-ass therapist in San Francisco who also started a ground-breaking podcast called Therapist Walks Into a Bar. She talks about how she balances her roles as podcast creator, therapist, and CEO in her business. She acknowledges that she’s wearing a lot of hats and she gets real about what’s challenging about that and how she makes it work without going too crazy.

I also answer a listener question in each episode. Here’s the first question I answer:

“I’m burning out. How do I know when it’s time to hire an assistant?”

So, long story short (after you’ve already read the long story), I’ve been away for a while because I’ve been creating something for you that will help you build your practice your way.

Thanks so much for being on this journey with me.

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