Slow Empire Building With Robbin Rockett

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Show Notes:

Do you want to do more than just sessions in your office? Robbin Rockett is building an empire the smart way. She’s creating valuable content, listening carefully to her right fit clients, and adjusting her offers to respond to what they need and want most. She’s also leveraging her superpowers by focusing on what she does best and enjoys most. Listening to Robbin will make you think more creatively about your business.

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Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Rebuilding her practice after divorce

  • Niching with overwhelmed and single moms

  • Why your niche has to come from your heart

  • Putting herself out there with her podcast

  • Creating a parent coaching practice separate from her therapy practice

  • Creating a Telesummit for single moms

  • Getting referrals because of the writing on her website

  • Using webinars wisely to learn more about her audience

  • Her fees (real numbers as usual)

  • How she gets through low summer months

  • Podcast or Blog? Robbin helps you decide which one is better for you

Robbin It’s not- this didn’t work it’s a failure. It’s- it didn’t work, how can i figure this out and make it work- (1).png

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