Vulnerability and Courage with Patricia Young

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Show Notes:

Think you’re supposed to have it all together as a business person and therapist? Believe you’re supposed to project a polished image to the world in all of your marketing? Patricia Young reminds us that vulnerability and showing up real, are better ways to go. Our clients don’t want us to be perfect. They want us to be human. Listen as Patricia talks about the challenges and joys of putting herself out there, taking risks, and sharing her real journey.

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Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Working with perfectionist women who try to hold everything together.

  • Self-disclosure and vulnerability in marketing

  • Finding yourself in the messy middle of growth

  • Modeling comfort with imperfection

  • Starting a Youtube channel

  • Doing facebook live

  • Fees (real numbers as usual)

  • Making a produced introduction video

  • Getting used to the highs and lows in business   

  • Advice on how to do a welcome video

Patricia I want to model what it looks like to show up when you don’t have it all together. (1).png

Resources Discussed:

Ernesto Segismundo

More From Patricia:



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