Business, Life And Chronic Illness With Lauren Selfridge

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Show Notes:

What’s it like for a therapist to live with a chronic illness or other health issues? Lauren talks about training to become a therapist while learning that she had Multiple Sclerosis about three years ago. She shares the deep changes she went through in how she sees herself, her business, and therapy. Whether you’re dealing with health issues or not, you’ll find tons of great ideas and wisdom from this conversation.

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Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Learning how to be a therapist while learning to live with chronic illness

  • Changing her original business goals to fit what works for her body

  • Allowing her symptoms to show up during sessions rather than pushing them away

  • Focusing on working with people who have chronic illness and health issues

  • Leaning on her superpower of staying emotionally present

  • Permission for her clients to be whoever and wherever they are

  • Giving a talk that brought in referrals from doctors

  • Plans to create offerings outside of therapy

  • Using FB live to grow her audience

  • Fees, with real numbers as usual

  • Her advice for a therapist who needs to work less due to health issues

Resources Discussed:

Healthcasters (a course for podcasting)

Loving What Is by Byron Katie

Ernesto Segismundo

Renee Beck

Lauren's Portrait by In Her Image Photography

More From Lauren:

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Abundant Wellness For Therapists (private FB group for therapists who live with chronic illness)

Lauren Selfridge, Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern #92466

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During the podcast, I made a public promise to do an FB live in which I would give you, dear therapist, a pep talk about doing your own live video. The result is awkward, not gonna lie. I’m always encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone, so I owe it to you to step out of mine, awkward or not! Here it is.