Group Practice with Wesley Little

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Show Notes:

What’s a better fit for you: group or solo practice? Wesley Little talks about why she chose to be a member of a group practice. It’s about collaboration and mentorship. It’s NOT because she hates marketing or couldn’t make it on her own. She’s great at marketing and could run a solo practice if she wanted to. She’s got great advice for group practice owners and those considering creating group practices about how to be a leader and retain excellent clinicians. Listen as Wesley Ann shares her journey in putting herself out there and creating a blog for therapists.  

wesley It is amazing to me as a therapist how much your health and self care matters to how everything else functions. (1).png

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Why she prefers to work in a group practice

  • How to spot a healthy group practice (and how to make yours healthier)

  • Her fees and number of sessions per week (real numbers as usual)

  • How she created a low-tech and effective welcome video

  • The struggle of putting herself out there in new ways (like recording this episode!)

  • Creating a blog for therapists learning EFT

  • Knowing that If she repels some people when she puts her stuff out there that’s OK

  • How she responds to critical or negative comments

  • Treating her website as a living document that she tweaks regularly

wesley There are times when you have to breathe through a struggle and there are times when you have to get out of what you’re doing and change things. (1).png

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