Rebellious Realness With Nam Rindani

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Show Notes:

Who are you? What is it about you that you’d like to be known for? How is it you want to speak to your clients? These are some of the questions Nam Rindani encourages therapists to dive into before they start “marketing” their practices. Listen as she shares how she uses the internet completely differently than practice building coaches usually advise. And listen to how well it works. This conversation will help you look at yourself and your business in profoundly new ways.

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Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Her niches working with men, leaders, activists, and pre-licensed therapists

  • Why word of mouth is the main way her clients find her

  • Why she fought all the marketing musts for growing her practice

  • How she finally found a way to create a website that felt authentic to her

  • Moderating her FB group with over 4700 therapists

  • How she wrote her website copy in one day

  • Rise and fly, a form of therapy she created for pre-licensed therapists only

  • Her fees (real numbers as usual)

  • Why she slides low and provides some free services

  • How to create a practice with long-term, depth-oriented clients

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