Be Bold In Your Business With Jennie Steinberg

Show Notes:

Jennie Steinberg has always had an entrepreneurial streak, but it took some time to find the optimal way to run her practice. Listen as she talks about blogging consistently and creating a therapy center with a social justice focus. As you hear about her risks, you may want to take some bold steps of your own.  

Jennie I missed community in private practice so I decided I was gonna start that community..png

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Starting a group practice in the past year

  • How she knows when it’s time to bring in another therapist

  • Identifying her niche and the niches of the other therapists in her practice

  • Maintaining a philosophy of social justice

  • Going from hustling in her marketing to scaling back and simplifying

  • Why her blog articles have gotten bolder and less teach-y

  • What it’s like when she posts daring articles

  • How many sessions she likes to have each week now that she’s a center owner

  • Her fees and the fees of the center’s therapists (real numbers as usual)

  • Her story of how she got through a difficult cross-country relocation

  • Our about when you know you’re ready to expand to a group practice

Jennie If I feel a little anxious about an article I’m posting, I know it’s important..png