The Art Of Money With Bari Tessler


Show Notes:

What if managing your money could feel like a self-care ritual, like eating nourishing food or going to a yoga class? Bari Tessler created a methodology to help us make peace with money, incorporating all parts of ourselves: emotions, body, and spirit. In our conversation, she dives into her own journey to creating the unique business she has now. She shares how things changed drastically 9 years ago when she became a parent. What she learned will help you navigate your own business and life.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How she integrates the two fields of money and therapy

  • Realizing she would never work for anyone else again

  • How dancing led her to somatic therapy

  • Why the common tough love money method didn’t work for her

  • Creating her own money methodology incorporating all parts of ourselves, including emotions and the body

  • A few examples of using her own money tools in her life

  • Moving through big crossroads, stuck places and questions we need to resolve around money

  • Changing her business model in a big way 9 years ago when her son was born

  • Why growth isn’t always right at every moment of your business

  • Walking us through how she changed her business into its current form with her year-long program

  • Our answer to a therapist who wants to serve a caseload that doesn’t only reflect privilege.

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