Own Your Message With Mercedes Samudio

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Show Notes:

Mercedes Samudio didn’t know that writing a book would be such a profound process. She had already carved out a space helping parents and families, and the writing process helped her clarify it even further. In our conversation she delved into entrepreneurial journey and got real about the emotional and financial ups and downs of being a private practice entrepreneur.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How she decided to write the book Shame Proof Parenting

  • Working with a book coach

  • Opening up and being vulnerable as an author

  • Finding her message and mission

  • How she transitioned into parent coaching

  • Why she stopped offering packages and went to a session by session model

  • How her website content and book draw in the right clients

  • Her fees (actual numbers as usual!)

  • Working from home over video and phone

  • Experiencing feelings of self-doubt when she doesn’t meet her own expectations

  • Dealing with the financial ups and downs of private practice

  • Learning to reach out rather than hiding or isolating

  • Integrating her identities of business owner and person

  • Advice about finding venues and pitching for speaking engagements

Mercedes I had some dysfunctional ways of connecting with money. I would sometimes catastrophize, and then actually look at my finances and realize that it wasn’t at all as bad as I thought it was. (1).png

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