Abundance With Allison Puryear

Show Notes:

You often hear that building a therapy practice in a saturated market is difficult. My friend Allison sees it as an opportunity! If you ever struggle with a scarcity mindset (and who doesn’t?), this conversation is for you. Listen as she shares her method for building a therapy practice in a new “saturated” city, and how she handles raising her fees. I hope you enjoy this lively, funny and real conversation as much as I did.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How she chose her niche: women in their 20’s struggling with anxiety and eating disorders

  • Opening private practice in a new city

  • Networking with 90 people in 90 days

  • Developing her abundance mindset

  • The opportunity of a “saturated market”

  • Her current fee and how she got there

  • Her decision to NOT go for a doctoral program

  • Being on insurance panels temporarily and then getting off of them

  • Running towards her fears

  • How she gets ok with a new fee

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