Filling Groups With Cynthia Hoffman

Show Notes:

Running groups is an attractive option for a therapist. Clinically, we love the possibilities a group provides. As entrepreneurs, we love the idea of serving more than one person at a time. But it can be challenging to fill groups. Cynthia has managed to keep several groups full for the past 7 years, and I got the behind the scenes story of how she does it. We also talked about her journey starting out in private practice as a single mom and her next possible steps to expand her practice. You’ll love Cynthia’s openness and honesty about her entrepreneurial journey.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How her niche became harm reduction sort of by mistake

  • All the marketing tools she used to build multiple groups

  • Her hardcore networking strategy

  • Why she’s becoming a sex therapist as well

  • Using listservs successfully and thoughtfully

  • Moving into mentoring the next generation of harm reduction therapists

  • Fees for her groups and sessions (real numbers as usual!)

  • Pros and cons of possibly expanding to a group practice

  • How she made it work as a single mom starting a private practice

  • How to create content while leveraging your superpowers

  • How she makes short and long term plans using lists

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