Diversifying Your Therapy Practice With Melvin Varghese

Show Notes:

Diversifying your private practice means serving people in new ways. He shares his journey from being a brand new entrepreneur to building Selling the Couch, a huge community for therapists. Melvin also talks about his dreams for his own therapy practice where he serves 2 niches: entrepreneurs and basketball players. Listen as he dives into lots of ideas for increasing productivity, staying honest and ethical as a business person, and taking steps to diversify your own therapy practice.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Taking the terrifying step into private practice

  • His goal of having a 100% online therapy practice

  • Creating his course about how to podcast

  • Why outsourcing early and often is a key to success in private practice.

  • Becoming an entrepreneur and CEO of your own therapy practice

  • How to stop seeing money as a zero sum game

  • The difference between working ON your business and IN your business

  • The importance of a morning routine

Resources Discussed:

Deep Work by Cal Newport

The One Thing

More From Melvin:

Sellingthecouch.com (blog, community, and podcasting help)

More From Annie:

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