Claiming Your Expertise with Natashia Fuksman

Show Notes:

Let’s get real about what it’s like to grow a private practice while raising kids and paying off debt. Natashia is brave and honest enough to go there and too many other deep and usually unspoken places. Natashia is a successful therapist and public speaker in private practice. She serves women and couples entering into parenthood. Listen as she describes one pivotal moment that changed the way she makes decisions in her business. In our listener question, we give advice to a mom who is building a practice with 2 young kids and very little childcare.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Surviving the intern years and early parenthood without outside financial support

  • Why it’s hard to move beyond the economic level of your family of origin

  • Raising her fees (real numbers as usual!)

  • How to value your pre-licensed work experience

  • Developing her signature talk

  • Filling and leading 4 groups in private practice

  • Knowing when to create new groups and programs

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