Amplifying Your Impact With Danielle Matthew

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Show Notes:

Focusing on meeting the needs of your right-fit clients may take you beyond the therapy room. Danielle Matthews is devoted to helping kids who are dealing with bullying. This work led her to write a book, give presentations, and create a 10-week program to help kids, their parents and their schools to address bullying. Find out how Danielle accomplished all of this in less than two years and what it takes to make a bigger impact on your business.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Writing and publishing a book

  • Getting to the point where she could leave her full-time job

  • Focusing on bullying, an issue that has affected her personally

  • What parents need to do about bullying

  • Using social media and tracking what works to bring in clients

  • Creating a 10-week program for kids and their families

  • Delegating tasks while still holding the reins in your business

  • Getting help from business consultants and marketing pros

Resources Discussed:

Paper Raven Books

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