Once You're Full With Maureen Fiorelli

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Show Notes:

Listen as Maureen talks about how she keeps her practice full and what she’s doing to leverage her skills beyond her therapy room. You’ll hear some solid ideas about marketing online and creating high-quality referral partnerships. You’ll want to implement some of these right away.

Maureen has used two different business models to expand her income. You’ll hear what worked, what didn’t, and what she might do next.

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Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How she fills her practice now and why it’s different from when she was getting started

  • Getting great referrals from medical doctors

  • Writing great directory profiles

  • Writing client-attracting website copy

  • Transitioning some of her clients to online therapy

  • How she structures her time for optimal well-being

  • Letting go of evening and weekend sessions

  • Getting off of insurance panels

  • Bringing on a second clinician, loving it, and then parting ways

  • Earning passive income through furnishing and subletting multiple offices

  • Her advice for her former self: invest in consultation and don’t isolate!

  • Raising her fees and working through money mindset blocks

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