Add Clinicians To Your Practice With Casey Truffo

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Show Notes:

Casey Truffo is my favorite group practice guru. Whether you’re expanding your practice or just want to soak up business wisdom from a master therapist business coach, you’ll grab a lot of gems. Casey shares her biggest lessons learned in creating her therapy center, The Orange County Relationship Center, and how to know if owning a group practice is right for you.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Signs that you’re a good candidate (or not) for running a group practice

  • A typical day and week in Casey’s life

  • Productivity hacks to get the important stuff done

  • Advice about setting up effective systems

  • Being the CEO of your therapy practice (group practice OR solo practice)

  • How to get started with running a group practice

  • How she figures out who to hire in her center

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