Fall In Love With Your Biz With Katie May

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Show Notes:

Katie May is a change maker. She created a therapy center that serves vulnerable, high-risk teens AND creates a living for herself and the seven clinicians who work for her. Listen as she dives into how she decides which ideas to follow and which ones to let go. You’ll love her honesty and her contagious enthusiasm.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Why she’s a boss with purple hair

  • How she grew her therapy center

  • Creating new services for teens, including a therapeutic summer camp

  • Hiring employees who share her vision

  • Making life decisions with her husband

  • Her take on being an entrepreneur

  • How she balances her life inside and outside of work

Katie May In life, I can slow down decisions, but in business, I go with my gut and intuition and make it work..png

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