Are you claiming all the expenses you can in your therapy biz? FREE TRAINING

Is your bookkeeping system (really) set up well?


I thought my bookkeeping systems were great. Then I learned how my bookkeeping could be doing much more for me and my business.


Your therapy business is relatively simple, so you might think you don’t need any help from a bookkeeper. You can do all of your bookkeeping yourself.


Here’s the thing: There’s a difference between getting ongoing help from a bookkeeper and getting help from a bookkeeping trainer.


Now I am totally converted to the idea that we all need some help from a bookkeeping trainer.


I thought I was doing everything correctly with my financial systems. I keep my own books and I probably always will. If you are familiar with this blog, you know that I love systems and I love to track. I track every dollar that comes in and every dollar that goes out. I’ve got a business budget and projected earnings for my practice. I LIKE to take a few minutes every day and a couple of hours every month to track my money.


I don’t need a bookkeeper to take over my daily and monthly financial tracking.


My accountant doesn’t complain that my business figures are missing anything.


So far I’ve avoided working with a bookkeeper. I’m self taught. I do things the way I do them. I don’t need any help! (I always thought).


I sat down with bookkeeper and bookkeeping trainer Andi Smiles recently, and I started to question that.


With her open smile, lavender hair, and unique personal story, she made me feel comfortable right away. I met with Andi because I was looking for a fabulous bookkeeping trainer to guest teach in my Superpower Method For Therapists™ Program. I wanted a pro to guide my therapists in setting up their bookkeeping systems correctly and to answer all of their bookkeeping questions.


I wanted to find the right bookkeeper; someone who would fit with the safe energy that my groups tends to have, and who would not scare my wonderful therapists away from looking at their finances. Two of my awesome therapist clients had loved working with Andi.


When Andi told me about her approach to finances, I knew we had found our woman. She wants small business people to develop loving and transparent relationships with their finances. She’s about empowerment rather than fear or intimidation.


She founded a non-profit serving women in Peru, so she knows how to use financial systems to make great stuff happen. (Have you seen the paperwork involved in starting a non-profit?)


I told her some common questions therapists ask:


How do I deal with credit card fees on my schedule C at tax time?

What exactly can I claim as a business expense?

What kind of bookkeeping system is best for my simple business?

What’s the best way to pay myself?


Andi told me how she would answer all of those questions. Not only did I love the way she answered, but I also realized I wasn’t keeping my own books in the most effective ways. I’ll be taking notes along with the other therapists.


In the Superpower Method For Therapists™ Program, she’ll take the reins for an entire lesson. She’ll  teach the foundation of how to set up the bookkeeping systems for your therapy business. Then she’ll talk to our small group for 90 minutes on a Q and A call to answer individual questions.


Even if you don’t sign up for the Superpower program (starting next month), I want you to get some help from Andi. I’ve invited her to co-present a free online workshop for you. 


(Sorry, this workshop is over.)


We’ll focus on just one important area of bookkeeping in this free online workshop: claiming expenses for your taxes.


You want to claim everything that you can, because you want to take home as much profit as you can. On the other hand, you want to be very clear that everything you are claiming is legitimate. If you ever get audited, you want to know you’ve claimed expenses correctly. Andi will show us how to do that.


Claim your spot and be there. Remember, it's free! Don’t worry if you can’t be there live. Sign up and you’ll have access to the recording for 48 hours after the workshop.


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