Registration Is Open. Here's The Most Important Question To Consider

Registration opens today for The Superpower Method For Therapists™ Program. If you’re ready to register, here you go! 

If you’re considering joining the Superpower Method For Therapists™ Program, but you’re not QUITE sure, you might have some of these common questions or concerns about taking the plunge.

  • I’m not sure if I can afford it.

  • I’ve tried coaching programs before.

  • Can I really turn my business around in 3 months?

  • I want to add something besides 1:1 therapy sessions to my business, and I don’t know if this program will help me with that.

I address these 4 concerns right here.

But there’s another concern that deserves more attention. It’ that important.

I don't know if I'll really make use of the program. 

Have you ever paid for an online course and NOT done the work? That’s a bad feeling. You invest the money, get excited about learning and taking advantage of the structure of the program. 

Then you fall behind... and then you stop. You let the course sit there. You tell yourself you’ll get to it when you can. 

Now when you consider a course, even if it looks like the perfect fit for your needs, you fear that you won’t do the work. 

And there is work to do!

This program is set up for you to DO STUFF throughout the program. The entire course is action oriented. You’ve got homework with deadlines. You get feedback from me on every assignment. The homework will bring you closer and closer to the practice you want. I also give you a bonus challenge for every lesson. 

What if you just want to absorb the information and wait to do the work...someday? 

I don’t think that’s a good use of your time and money. 


You’ll be on calls and on a private facebook group with a small group of your peers who are also dedicating 14 weeks to turning their practices around. Watching other therapists make changes and take risks is inspiring. It makes you want to do more. 

From September 1st forward, you’ll be guided through a process to identify the weak spots in your business and address them. You’ll be encouraged to shift your business to take full advantage of your unique strengths. 

A therapist in this group usually makes at least one of these big moves: 

  • Changing their business from a general practice to one with a clear specialty
  • Adding one or more clinicians to their practice
  • Adding a new service to their practice that leverages their time
  • Starting an overhaul of their website

You still need accountability after the program ends!

That’s why I created the Superpower Alumni Program, free for all alumni of the Superpower Method For Therapists™ Program for at least a year after you join. In the alumni program, you're part of a monthly group video call with me and a private Facebook group where I check in every day. 

To decide if it's time for you to register, ask yourself where you want to be at the beginning of 2017, after the program is over. 

Where will you be in 2017 if you commit yourself to this program?

Where will you be in 2017 if you don’t?

Here’s the spot to register or find out more about the program.  


Registration closes on August 31st.