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Show Notes:

Traci Ruble wants you to play bigger. She’s tired of the false message that the more powerful one of us is, the smaller others have to be. She believes that the bigger you are, the more room you make for others to be big too. As a public speaker, founder of a therapy center, and creator of the Sidewalk Talk movement, she’s had lots of opportunities to navigate this challenging territory. Listen as we dive into her journey of embracing her power.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Creating a group private practice called Psyched In SF

  • Managing our inner dialogues of self-criticism

  • Creating a movement called “Sidewalk Talk” to be out in the community, listening

  • Balancing her different kinds of work, parenting, volunteering, and partnering

  • How she delegates big parts of her work life

  • Owning her Superpower of public speaking more and more

  • Getting support from her inner circle and ignoring the opinions of others

  • Distinguishing her smaller self from her more powerful self

  • Being generous to other women who inspire her

  • The myth that if you’re bigger you’ll make others smaller

  • Why she charges a relatively high fee

  • Talking to clients about money in deep and helpful ways

  • Adulting around her own money

  • The money rituals and systems that are helping her

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