The Paperwork Monster With Maelisa Hall

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Show Notes:

Does documentation stress you out? Maelisa Hall shares how you can create a more peaceful relationship with your private practice paperwork. As a documentation expert and a person living with ADHD, Maelisa has tons of tips to help you change your relationship to the paperwork monster.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How she found her business bestie and started a podcast with her

  • Taking a work retreat to get stuff done

  • Closing her therapy practice to focus on her online business

  • Why paperwork is so painful and daunting for some therapists

  • Some ways to make documentation work for you and your personal preferences

  • When to do your notes if you don’t want to do them between sessions

  • The importance of talking about your documentation worries so you can get help

  • Making a sustainable plan for taking care of documentation

  • How ADHD impacts her own story with documentation and time management

  • Her advice about taking pressure off of yourself as an entrepreneur

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