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Show Notes:

If you ever fear that you can’t serve the people who need you AND make a great living, you’ll want to hear Selma’s story. She’s the creator of the podcast The Parent-Child Relationship Guru and she serves children and families who struggle with trauma and attachment issues. Selma has created a business that gives her a balanced life and helps her avoid burning out.

Selma Last year I surrounded myself with people who were positive abundant thinkers. They allowed me to break free of some of my fears..png

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How she delegated to cut WAY down on the time she was spending on her podcast

  • How she keeps referrals coming in

  • Her fees (actual numbers as usual) and how she arrived at them

  • How she went from a scarcity mindset to embracing being an entrepreneur

  • Simplifying her business so that it serves her right fit client and keeps her doing what she’s great at

  • Offering in-person therapy, online consultations, and parenting classes

  • How she’s set her schedule

  • Her advice for an overwhelmed therapist

Resources Discussed:

The One Thing by Gary Keller

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