Don’t Stop Growing With Dr. Natalie Jones

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Show Notes:

Dr. Natalie Jones tells us that when you’re a private practice entrepreneur, you’ve got to be constantly working on yourself, growing, and opening up to helpful feedback. Listen as she talks about the limiting beliefs she’s worked through and how she’s established herself as an expert in her field.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Working with criminal offenders and folks who have been victims of narcissistic abuse

  • Charging a higher fee than most of her colleagues

  • Creating the podcast A Date With Darkness and how much time she puts into it

  • Building her profile as an expert witness

  • How she sets up her schedule wearing many hats

  • The way she thinks about public speaking: as conversation and story-telling

  • The limiting beliefs she’s needed to work through to own her own business

  • Making sure she’s compensated through her fee for all the non-face-to-face work she does

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